Colony Builders Inc: Should Water Damage Repair and Restoration After a Disaster?

water damage

Should You Go for Water Damage Repair and Restoration After a Disaster?

A natural disaster is a heartbreaking time for many homeowners. In the rush of events and uncertainty of the situation, it can be difficult to know where to turn or how to proceed. If your home has experienced water damage from a disaster, here are some things to consider before contacting a restoration service provider.

Insurance Concerns

First, you’ll want to communicate with your insurance agent. Most homes are covered for damage caused by a disaster. However, if you begin restoration without contacting an agent or having the damage inspected, it could affect your insurance claim.

Even if the damage requires emergency services, contact an agent or take a few pictures to prove the extent of damage before you perform any work or call a professional to begin the cleanup.

Extent of Damage

How much damage has your home experienced? Severe flooding can be dangerous, not only to your home but also your health. If you’re experiencing severe water damage then you may need to call an emergency service for prompt cleanup. While you’re attempting to inspect the extent of the damage don’t try to go in a room if there’s still standing water.

Response Time

It’s essential to contact a restoration service as soon as possible. Whether you have standing water in your home or a few leaks in your roof, water damage can quickly escalate. Minor stains in your drywall can turn into mold, which affects every part of your home. Water exposure can cause your drywall to deteriorate and sag, it can decrease the effectiveness of your insulation and it can increase the risk of electrocution throughout your home.

Stay safe and restore your home quickly with a prompt and professional emergency service team. Contact a location restoration company today to learn how you can overcome this water damage disaster and enjoy a safe, dry and welcoming home once again.