The Fire Cleanup Process

Fire can cause a lot of problems in a short amount of time. No matter how small the area affected or how quickly the flames were put out, there are still many steps that fire restoration experts must take to repair the smoke and fire damage in your home.

Smoke Damage

Smoke is one of the main causes of damage after a fire. It doesn’t just stay in the area where the flames are located; it infiltrates every nook and cranny it can get to. The restoration team first has to assess the type and extent of the smoke damage to choose the right method for removing it. The process must take away both the residue and the odor before it’s considered complete.

Fire Damage

The fire itself can destroy parts of your home. When highly flammable materials are touched by flames, they disintegrate rapidly. To safeguard the structural integrity of a house with smoke and fire damage, technicians must quickly tear out ruined materials, clean and dry the remaining surfaces, and restore the missing parts of the building.

Suppression Damage

It’s not just the fire and smoke that cause issues. Even the substances used to put out the fire make a mess that requires professional cleanup. The agent from the fire extinguisher leaves behind a film that must be cleaned the right way. If the fire is big enough that firefighters have to be called, it takes a lot of water to put out the flames in a hurry. This leaves some water damage behind that must be mitigated quickly so that you don’t also end up with a mold problem.

There are many steps that have to be taken to make your house whole again after a fire. If your home has smoke and fire damage, you need professionals you can trust to take care of the restoration quickly and thoroughly.