From both the inside and outside of your home, it’s easy to tell when it’s time to replace your windows. There’s no doubt that worn-out, drab or outdated windows can be an eyesore on any house. If you’ve decided now is the right time for window replacement, it’s important to choose a frame style to complements your living space and meets your needs and preferences.


If efficiency is important to you, wood frames are excellent styles to pick. This material does an effective job keeping air from escaping your home, which can save you money on your utility bill. It’s also easy to find wood frames that match the exterior and interior look of your house. This is a gorgeous option, though it does take a lot of effort to maintain them. You’ll need to remember to stain and seal them regularly. Plus, the effects of rain and snow can cause these frames to rot and grow mold. Also, keep in mind that wood frames cost more than some of their counterparts.


Window replacement can revive your home, but the process does require financial commitment and takes time. It’s not something you’ll want to do frequently. Fiberglass frames are extremely durable and will withstand harsh treatment and external forces. You won’t have to worry about these frames expanding, cracking or fading anytime soon. Fiberglass, too, is famous for its efficiency. It won’t require as much maintenance as wood, but you will want to paint them every couple of years.


As you look around at different homes, you may see vinyl frames more than any other type. This is because they cost less than wood or fiberglass frames. There is also little maintenance required to keep them in good shape. One negative aspect is that there isn’t as wide a variety of color options available.

Consider these different choices when it’s time for a window replacement project at home. Consult a specialist and get ready to transform your home.

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