Trending Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

One affordable way to shake things up in your kitchen is a new backsplash. Compared to complete kitchen remodeling, installing a new backsplash is a surprisingly affordable way to give your kitchen a new look and feel. Check out some trending ideas for your kitchen backsplash remodeling project today.

Covering the Entire Wall

In the past, most backsplash designs featured a small line of tile, steel or other material to protect your wall from scratches and messes. Now, however, many designers are choosing to cover the entire kitchen wall with a backsplash. This bold step makes a vibrant accent all and keeps your kitchen looking unified and iconic.

Working With Shapes

Consider the pattern of your backsplash. Geometric shapes are popular in modern kitchen remodeling projects. Square tiles are a traditional option, but consider trying out something bolder. Rectangular subway tiles, herringbone patterns or even diamond shapes all create visual interest. Even if you choose a neutral color, these unique shapes draw the eye towards your kitchen and make it look like a completely new home.

Choosing a Bold Color

Gone are the days when a pure white kitchen was the ideal. Many designers are going for vibrant colors to breathe new life into a generic kitchen design. If your kitchen needs some spice and excitement, your backsplash is a great place to add color and visual interest. Ask a designer to assist you with picking a single color or bold pattern to complement your kitchen rather than creating a jarring splash of color.

Find Your Inspiration Design Today

A modern designer has all the latest trends you need to reinvent your kitchen. Work with a professional today to find out how you can update your home with a new backsplash. This cost-effective kitchen remodeling option is great on its own or helps pull your entire remodeling project together.

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