Tips for Adding On a Sunroom

For many homeowners, adding a sunroom to a home means incorporating aluminum framework onto an existing porch or deck. The problem with these sunrooms is not only do they lack style, but they lack quality. A closed-in porch or patio isn’t a real sunroom, nor should you want to convince yourself that it is. If you want to add a sunroom to your home, do it in a way that adds value to your property. 

Hire a Professional

Getting a sunroom built the right way will require hiring a reputable contractor who won’t rely on cheap materials to cut costs. Discuss your options with your contractor and make sure you both understand that what you are asking for is an actual room addition that can be comfortably enjoyed during every season. 

Match It To Your Home

Sunrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is no rule to how large your sunroom should be or how many windows it should have; however,  it should have proper insulation and it should complement the design of the rest of your home. You want your sunroom to look like it was always a part of your house. 

This will mean incorporating design elements into your sunroom that exist in the rest of your home. Look at your contractor’s portfolio of work and see if the company has done work in the past that would fit with your home. This will also give you ideas for how you want to space your windows and walls. 

Sunrooms add beauty and value to a home when they are created with professional construction and attention to design. Making the decision to add on a sunroom should be followed up with careful planning in coordination with your contractor. Once the new build is completed, it will be a room you will cherish and enjoy for the remainder of your time in your home.