Bathroom Renovation Tips

Some homeowners may be nervous about taking on a bathroom remodeling project. They fear that it will take too much time or cost too much money. Fortunately, there are many relatively quick and inexpensive changes you can make to completely alter the look and function of your bathroom. 


If you are tired of the way your bathroom looks but satisfied overall with its practical use, you probably just need some small updates rather than a major overhaul. A fresh coat of paint on lackluster walls can liven up the whole room. Having the existing tiles deep cleaned and glazed is a frugal alternative to replacing them with brand new tiles. Your contractor can also buff and stain the existing cabinets rather than installing new ones. 


A few items past their prime may be the inspiration for your bathroom remodeling project. Rather than throwing increasingly large amounts of money down the drain for repairs every few months, it makes more sense to replace toilets, sinks and tubs that are worn out. Cabinets that have seen better days can be replaced. If you choose discount items with small imperfections, it will likely still cost less even if you factor in the price of fixing the problem or covering it up. Your design expert may be able to find good deals on new features that match both your budget and your style.


It’s amazing what a few small changes can do. You can make the bathroom look like a whole new room by just changing the fixtures on the sink and in the shower. You can add extra towel racks so that the whole family doesn’t have to overload the existing ones. A new mirror frame, medicine cabinet or drawer handles may be just what you need.

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to break the bank. You can achieve a whole new look even on a tight budget.