Great Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Your bathroom should help you get your day started on the right foot. It should make you feel excited, energized, confident and ready to go. If you don’t feel that way right now, it may be time to breathe new life into your bathroom with a remodeling project. Here are some incredible bathroom remodeling trends to spark your creative side.

Splurging on Antique Bathroom Vanities

Another popular way to transform the look and feel of your bathroom is to choose an antique vanity. The beauty of these period pieces is in their hardwood surfaces, rich colors and intricate details. For lovers of Victorian styles or luxury, this idea can make bathroom remodeling something incredible.

If you want a touch of sophistication without abandoning your contemporary style, it’s possible to combine antique vanities with modern accents. For example, you can have an elegant console table with a freestanding basin. This is called a console sink.

Investing in Wood Floors for Bathroom Remodeling

No one said a bathroom always has to have tile floors — though there are some spectacular stone flooring options for modern bathrooms, too. For a relaxing ambiance like no other, consider having a wood floor installed with a freestanding tub. The best options are moisture-resistant luxury vinyl or laminate flooring that looks identical to wood.

Taking Bathroom Lighting to the Next Level

A recent trend is to think outside the box with bathroom light fixtures. After all, no one said you had to choose simple or functional bathroom lighting only. These days, many homeowners are treating themselves to luxury with pendant light fixtures, chandeliers and artistic accents.

There are countless options that can infuse your bathroom remodeling project with amazing personality:

  • Minimalist
  • Modern
  • Mediterranean
  • Retro
  • Chic
  • Rustic
  • Country comfort

Bathroom remodeling is relatively inexpensive and it can completely change the way you feel. You have a lot of creative freedom.