Are You Looking for an Energy-Efficient Home? Start With Window Replacement

The topic of energy efficiency is everywhere these days, and with good reason. Not only does having an energy-efficient home save you money on your electricity bill, it’s also good for environment. There are energy-efficient air conditioners, home appliances, roofing materials and other options. One of the best places to start is window replacement with double-pane windows.

Why Is Window Replacement Important for Energy Efficiency?

Imagine that you’re driving around in your car with the air conditioning turned on full blast, but you also have the windows wide open. This is a complete waste of energy because all that cold air just escapes outside the car. The best way to avoid wasting your air conditioning is to close the windows, right?

Something similar occurs when your home has old windows. It’s smart to take the time to choose energy efficient roofing, carefully seal cracks around door frames, and insulate the garage. But these changes won’t have much of an effect if you don’t start with the most important change: window replacement.

What Are the Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows?

As mentioned before, one of the biggest immediate benefits of choosing energy-efficient windows is that it saves you money on electricity. In Texas, this normally has to do with keeping the sun’s heat out of the house, but it can also save you energy during freak winter storms. Double-pane windows can cut down on energy usage a lot, often by as much as 15% or more. Plus, you may qualify for tax credits or other incentives from your energy provider.

Why Talk With a Professional About Window Replacement First?

Before buying new windows, have a window installer help. Exact measurements are essential for energy efficiency. You want a tight fit with great sealing. Professionals can tell you the exact sizes you need, or better yet, handle purchasing all the windows for you along with taking care of expert installation.